5 Steps to Getting Fit

1. Eat Enough

The first step is to be eating enough. Muscle is primarily gained in the kitchen. You can use multiple tools to calculate how much you should be eating, but ultimately if you’re not gaining weight then you’re not eating enough. Starting off don’t worry so much about meal composition or anything like that. Just eat.

2. Lift Heavy

To direct the food that you’re eating to the proper place, make sure you supplement by working out. Lifting heavy will put you in the right rep range to both build strength and cause muscle hypertrophy. Any program will work as long as you enjoy it.

3. Sleep Enough

Sleep is important for keeping fat gain down and providing proper recovery after workouts. Shoot for 8 hours minimum though you may find yourself needing more the harder you workout.

4. Be Realistic

You may see ads that promise you’ll gain 34 pounds on muscle in 30 days (sorry Tim Ferris), but that’s not realistic. As a beginner at best you can aim to gain about 2 lbs of muscle a month. Make sure your goals are realistic, so you don’t find yourself discouraged.

5. Be Consistent

Lastly though most importantly, just be consistent. Continue to make daily and weekly progress and eventually you will reach your goal. All you need is to stay focused. Eyes on the prize!

Look for more posts in the future exploring these topics a bit more.


4 thoughts on “5 Steps to Getting Fit

      1. Lift heavy progressively and with good form to avoid injuries. Also remain balanced in a fitness regimen. It should include cardio, resistance/weights, and stretching/flexibility – levels of each will vary based on goals. Hope this helps! 🙂


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